Technical Requirements

This page describes the technical requirements necessary for the implementation of the Easy Systems software.

The most important things that need to be arranged in advance, so that Easy Systems can start the installation work of the project, are:

  • Delivery of a web application server including IIS
  • Establishing a Microsoft SQL database server (preferably a separate SQL instance for Easy Systems applications)

To find out which technical requirements you need to meet, check the quotation or implementation manual to see which applications will/are be installed.

Hardware and software

To ensure a good response time and reliability for the Easy Systems applications, it is important that the server requirements are tailored to the number of users, the number of invoices/orders and the complexity of the configuration. These pages will not contain specifications of the hardware technologies or suppliers to be used, but is meant for general requirements to make the Easy Systems applications run as efficiently as possible. Hardware vendors will be able to provide more information about the hardware options. There are a number of things to take into account when choosing the hardware for the Easy Systems applications:

Sufficient memory to be able to run the databases and application services. The server should contain at least 16 GB of memory, or at least 8 GB of memory in a separate server environment (application / database).
Enterprise Class SAS/SCSI/SSD hard drives are preferred
In multi-server configurations, a 1 GB network, or faster, is required between the servers.

For all applications a Microsoft SQL Server is required. MS SQL Server is available in different versions, each with its own license model. For more information about the license model, please refer to the SQL Server Licensing Datasheet from Microsoft.


Easy Systems is not responsible for setting up a backup routine for the application software and/or the databases.
In all cases, this must be managed by the customer.


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